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Are you fed up with superficial advice from diet consultants? Our team goes above and beyond standard weight loss guidance.

We become your dedicated partner and mentor. We will utilize the powerful Ideal Protein protocol, expert insights, unwavering support, and authentic encouragement throughout your entire journey.

Through our collaborative approach, you can unlock your full potential. We help you to maintain your weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Let's ensure your weight loss journey becomes a resounding triumph!

The Ideal Protein Protocol

Achieve a Healthy and Confident Life You Deserve

Discover the life-changing potential of Ideal Protein - an innovative, physician-crafted Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol that elevates weight management to the realm of healthcare.

Delight in our extensive assortment of mouthwatering Ideal Protein food options, complemented by a variety of fresh, lean, and nourishing meals and snacks that will keep you satisfied throughout your transformative journey and well beyond. Our team of expert coaches is dedicated to providing personalized guidance, ensuring your motivation remains high and you stay on course. By using food as medicine you can get to your weight loss goals and stay there! Don't delay any further - embark on your Ideal Protein journey today and reclaim your health with confidence!

What Is Ideal Protein?

Transform Your Body and Health with Ideal Protein Protocol

Food can work for or against you, affecting your weight and health. Ideal Protein follows a ketogenic protocol that uses food as medicine to lose weight scientifically.

Your coach will personalize your journey based on your ideal weight while following the program’s three phases.

Phase 1: Weight Loss

Reboot your body to optimize fat burning and achieve weight loss.

Phase 2: Stabilization

Realign your mindset to sustain a healthy weight and cultivate positive habits.

Phase 3: Maintenance

Unlock your potential and embrace a life of optimal health, vitality, and fulfillment.

Eager to Know the Science Behind this Protocol?

Ideal Protein foods to keep you satisfied and help you along your journey.

Crucial education from your Ideal Protein coach to set you up for a long-term success.

Meet the Team

Having a weight loss coach is proven to help you drop more pounds in less time

Team Member

Kris Watkins

Clinic Owner & Weight Loss Coach

Team Member

Leah Thomas

Weight Loss Coach


Ideal Lifestyle Center offers a full suite of services to help you look and feel your best.

Online Coaching

Never miss a check-in! Meet with your coach from the comfort of your own home, while traveling, or from the office.

Ideal Protein Protocol

Reset your body to burn fat and Power Life Possible with the Ideal Protein 3-Phase Weight Loss.

Our Clients’ Results on Ideal Protein

Achieve a Healthy and Confident Life You Deserve.

Online Coaching Available

Don’t let your busy schedule or location stop you from the life-changing benefits of Ideal Protein.

What to Expect

Discover all the steps, from the initial free consultation and check-ins to maintaining weight in Phase 3.

What to Expect

Discover all the steps, from the initial free consultation and check-ins to maintaining weight in phase 3.

For Healthcare Providers

Do you have patients who struggle with weight? Refer them to our doctor-designed weight loss program.

Metabolic Wellness: Educational Series

Discover life-changing health transformations with our Metabolic Wellness Series!

Learn how simple changes can lead to dramatic improvements in health!

Lose Weight for Good

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